It’s Time for a Make Over!

Homesickness..blah! What you really need is some devoted time to yourself; A SPA DAY!!

First off you need to set the mood for yourself. Listen to some soothing music, slip into a robe, and sip on some refreshing tea or lemonade. Or take a quick trip to Ball State’s relaxation room. This will really get you in the mood for a spa day.

Here is a link to some spa type music (

Once in the relaxation mood your next step is a facial steam. This will relax you even more and open your pores for the next steps. Get a bowl, or pot, of hot water and a towel. Place the towel over your head and hold your head above the bowl.  IMG_6132This helps trap the steam. Do this for 10 minutes and breathe deeply through your nose.

Next you need to exfoliate your face with a body scrub.  IMG_6133The steam just opened up your pores and exfoliating after a facial steam is the best way to help diminish acne and blackheads; it also prepares your skin for a facial mask.

You can purchase body scrubs or make your own; here is a link to some body scrub recipes (

If you are helping your face you might as well help your hair too, right!? So lets do a hair mask, or treatment, and then wrap it in a towel. IMG_6135 Again, many hair treatments can be purchased; I prefer hot oil hair treatments, which I always have on hand.

While your hair is completing its treatment, relax in the bath if one is available to you. If not then just wait until your treatment is done and move onto the next step. You can stay in the bath for as long as you please. Take your music, or a book, and take that tea or lemonade with you.

Since you used a hair mask you will have to take a quick rinse-off shower and shampoo your hair to get it all out. Then get back into that robe!

Next a face mask because you need to feel refreshed. These can be purchased as well or you can do-it-yourself ( Apply the mask  IMG_6136and get ready for the next step.

While your face mask is drying lets do a foot wrap. Apply a foot cream, or do-it-yourself ( and put plastic wrap around them. Then wrap a hot towel around that and leave on for 10-15 minutes.IMG_6137  This step is what makes you truly feel like you are as a spa, so do not forget this step!

Remove the foot wraps and wash off the facial mask in warm water. Apply your usual moisturizer and then spoil yourself.

Pick out a cute nail polish color paint away at those toes.  4708314648_8b0b3bbace_o You can get as fancy as you want with the design, it is a day about you after all. While you have the nail polish out you might as well do your fingers too. Moisturize your hands and paint your fingers however you like. 5693957379_1ef44586c2_o Now that your spa day is complete, and your nail polish is dry, you can sleep, watch a movie, call home, or whatever you like. This is still your day and you can do you.

Just remember, you are BEAUTIFUL girl! And a break from school is just around the corner.

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